Friday, August 26, 2016

A little One on One

This fall at the farm, things are much more organized and things are starting to fall into routines. Not that the odd strange and exciting event does not take place, but for the most part every one is pulling together.  I am trying to spend time with each of the kids on their own, doing things that will be encouraging to them.  Last week I brought Misha with me on the food deliveries.. He got to return to his orphanage with a car load of food that he had worked hard growing all summer. It was such a great time for him  He then came back to my place and we bottled the honey. He had collected the honey with Vlady so he was eager to continue the process. 

With Nurik, he loves to shop and he loves to eat, so I had him come and help me when I was taking some of the smaller kids to do some back to school shopping, then out for a meal after. And of course he got a new track suit as well .

The last couple of days I have been spending more time with Marat.  Marat is very artistic and loves to do things with his hands. The coolest thing is that as I was working with him it was so encouraging to see him doing this. If it had not been for some of you, he would have been legally blind by now, but instead he was able to have an operation and his eyes are getting steadily better every day.   He is on light duty and still needs a couple more operations, so it was not just fun but a real sense of accomplishment for him as well.  I have taught him how to make signs; the first one is for in front of the guest house. 

The apples are not quite ready yet, but we do have apples and pears starting to drop all over the place, so we set up the juicer on the grinder and now they gather everything up each day and run them through the juicer and what is left is great for the geese. 

Last night Jengish was out at the farm until after midnight working with the boys to slaughter one of the pigs.  Emma has exhausted many of the local suppliers for lard for the soap making, so it was time for one of our big fellows to help with the cause.  

So this morning Marat went from a carpenter to a butcher and learned how to cut meat. 

We then cut all the fat up into little cubes and rendered it into lard and will likely have about 30 or 40 liters by the time we are done. 

And once again the freezer is full. We are looking on line and we have found another large freezer for about $150 US.  We are hoping that things work out that we could buy that so we would have room for both meat and veggies. Things like corn would be much easier and better to freeze then to can and is so expensive in the winter.  

On deliveries today we ended up back at Olga's center for women.   There were probably about 30 ladies there today along with many of their children. They were so blessed to fill large bags with corn, tomatoes and peppers.  I think next week we will bring them potatoes and carrots as well . We did not plant a lot, but they are very cheap compared to peppers and tomatoes so we will trade some peppers for potatoes 

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