Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gearing up to head back to school .

Nick has just one more week at the farm then he is back to University.  He has done a fantastic job with the gardens this summer .  I land in Bishkek on the 16th and he starts school on the 17th, so we will meet up on the 16th and find an apartment for him, then he will find a couple others who need a place to stay.  I sure wish he did not have to start so soon, he is always such a big help but they do grow up ...!   

They stopped at Auxana's to bring some more food for the chicks and the ducks , they are doing great.  It will be soon time to bring her new ones and bring these to the farm.  We have received a donation to set up some incubators and start hatching our own .. 

They washed the carpets today , then SOMEONE who still denies his involvement walked the cows on them on the way to the barn rather then going around ..

they are getting ready to put the roof trusses on the second green house 

working on the orchard 

Now that the addition is finished on the barn we have moved down house five and started the foundation for the barn there.

Back in the kitchen this week they have started making tomato salsa.  we are still in need of jars to keep up with the demand .. One days supply of jars lids etc is about $50 and can make up to 400 liters.  

Emma has started drying various different flowers and herbs to put in the goats milk soap. 

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