Sunday, August 28, 2016

I day to remember

Yesterday was such a great day.  I was privileged to be a part of something very special.  May of you have been following the struggle of the Kyrgyz 65. Sixty five Kyrgys children whos adoptions stalled back in 2008, and have been waiting it out behind the orphanage gates while there adoptive families and their extended families and friends have been pulling together to do everything possible to bring them home.  In just a few days, the last of the 65 will be on the plane.  Yesterday the last young boy and his dad came for a visit to the farm, along with Nick (Kolya ) On the way out to the farm our young friend was talking to nick about all the animals that he might get to see.  then he brought up about his dream to ride a horse.  We made a quick phone call and after a short visit at the farm, they were off for a ride of their lives.  

we got to the base of the mountain and a car 4 x 4 pulled up and a young boy about 12 hoped out of the drivers seat and began running around getting the horses ready for us.    He is a great young guy that we have worked with a lot in the past.. his first words were "where's Jengish ? then his six year old brother came out to great us and asked "Why is Jengish not here?" ... But despite their age we knew our guys were in good hands.    

As they were loading up to go they asked Jim if he had ridden much , when he said he had a little , the 6 year old said he better take his horse .. the stirrups were a little short , but they were only climbing the Himalaya mountains  not going on a steeple chase.    

As they were leaving our young guide leaned over to me and said something nodding his head so I just sort of agreed and shook my head .. what I did not know is what he said was basically.. TO THE TOP RIGHT ... and with that they were off. 

I drove my car about 2 KM up the mountain behind them but then watched them go from there once the path ended .. I lost sight of them after about 20 minutes .. About an hour later they reached the top of the mountain .. What an experience to remember the beautiful land of Kyrgyzstan.  Jim, his son, Kolya a young man who grew up in an orphanage himself and a young Kyrgyzs guide who is the same age as Jims son. The four of them ON TOP OF THE WORLD... 

When they returned a couple hours later we went back to the farm for lunch.  We put on a pot of water for the corn ,  then went out and picked lunch .

. a few cobs of corn each, and a beautiful stir fry with peppers, onions, egg plant, zucchini, tomato and a bit of fresh mint and purple sage.  fried in fresh made butter with thin sliced pork tenderloin .. all fresh from the farm .. Just as the meal was ready the Village Chief and the head of the irrigation systems was passing buy and came in and joined us for some sweet corn as well .. 

When we were driving home later that night , we were just about back in Bishkek and I heard Nick and R talking in the back , then in Perfect English R leans forward and said " I am hungry, I would like something to eat ! "  Good one Nick.. It is my suspicion that Nick put him up to it, but it was a good idea, and we stopped for pizza and sushi before dropping them off at their apartment.  

It has been a long 8 years, but like I say , I am just so blessed to have had this rewarding day .. Thank-you Jim for including us in this special time.   

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