Monday, August 01, 2016

Mid summer update

The addition is coming along great on the barn .  This will give us more room for cows down stairs and more room for hay upstairs .  The lower level is made from the reclaimed bricks from an old chicken coop that was in that spot . 

some of the guys are continuing the work on the green house .  The walls are all cemented now soon they will put on the poly carbonate 

Marat had his first 2 operations this week .  This will stop his eyes from getting worse.  Once they heal, he will be able to have a couple more operations that should restore his vision completely.  He will need to take it easy for a couple weeks to heal.  

I think growing up,  this is Emma's favourite time in the garden .. when he corn is ready. 

they are beautiful looking cobs .. now to taste them. 

The pepper plants are absolutely covered with peppers .. it looks like another bumper crop with them as well . 

Emma is working on perfecting the goats milk soap.  Along with plain unscented,  Emma has made lavender and chamomile, sage, sage and paprika, and honey and oatmeal.  

She has been experimenting with different molds and decorations as well .   Once she is certain of what she is doing, and once we have a secure location at the farm ( there are some acids  that we have to be careful of with the boys )  she will start making them on a larger scale with the kids.  It will be a great off season project to keep them busy, and at the same time, hopefully it will help provided some needed revenue. 

Last week, We were at Ottawa Valley kids camp sharing about the work in Kyrgyzstan ,  as well we had some games, a craft with the kids an a time of question and answer period .. 

The kids even made this cool banner for the camp. i is made with some of he Kyrgyz patterns on it.  All 120 kids had a share in the finished product . 

Our next stop was to Saint Andre in Quebec, only a couple hours from where we were, so rather then heading home for the day we stayed over an extra day and had some down time wit Eli 

We had a great time with our friends in Quebec as we shared all that has gone on since our last visit here a year ago.  We received a great  blessing toward the work we are doing . 

Next weekend we will be in Espanola in Northern Ontario meeting with a team that will be coming to Kyrgyzstan with Possibilities International next month .  Sunday morning we will be sharing at the Light house .. If you are in the area we would love to see you there. 

Then after that it will be wheels up for John.  He heads back on Aug 15, Julie and Bekah will follow on Aug 31.  

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