Friday, August 08, 2014

The Girls are back in town

Well the girls are back in Kyrgyzstan. It was a good flight , a short connection in Moscow,  but they did manage to show up one bag short, hopefully that gets fixed quickly.  
   While they were traveling, we did get a few updates from some of the things that we have been working on over the last couple weeks that some of you have been a part of .  

Our little friend has had her heart surgery, and has done very well .  She will need another surgery down the road the Drs think, but it will have to be done out side Kyrgyzstan we are told... we will check into that when we get there.  

This is after the surgery..

This week she was even well enough to join the other kids at camp 

 Speaking of camp. we got a letter from the kids at the mountain camp with a nice card from them and these  pictures.. They show one of the dorms with new mattresses , blankets and pillows .   There were 100 in total that were purchased. ( still have $250 to go to cover this need ) 

Campers and leaders excited to be at camp this summer giving a big shout out to all you who helped with this 

Yesterday we got a call from the baby hospital.. there was a new baby there that needed food.   since 2009 we have provided formula for all the babies that do not have parents  There was no budget for this , but it makes such a difference for the kids if we can get them on the best formula as soon as we can ... This has been one of Kamala's jobs, and yesterday as soon as the call came in she headed over with the formula.    This is the type of thing that there never is time to look for sponsors and transfer funds, so it just comes from our general un designated funds when needed .. so for those of you who give " as needed " Thank you for making this possible .  

A beautiful baby .. in perfect health , and off to a great start with the care and nutrition she needs  

We still have a long way to go with the scholarships.. we have $5000 so far, but still need another
 $10 000  to meet the requests that we have for scholarships this year.. we have a total of 49 kids.  that works out to an average of about $300 to of set their tuition and living expenses for the year , Kids like two shown below, many are orphans , and will not be able to attend collage or university if they do not get the support they need.  Maybe you would consider sponsoring a student, or at least passing on the word with others that you know that would like to help us out with this .. September is coming quickly. 

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