Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Orphans turned down for scholarships ..desperate situation

There are two BIG needs that we have in the fall .. One is tuition and the other is coal for heat.  The first one is the tuition 
   We have about 40 kids that we suport with partial scolarships, and another 15 to 20 expected that will need suport if they are going to go to school this fall .  Our total assistance with out taking on any more is $15000 of which we have only $5000 so far.  so at this point we can give 1/3 of the regular suport , and No new sponsorships . 

What I have dreaded is here .. We have had to tell our first orphan trying to make their way on her own out of the orphanages that at this point we have no funds to help her this year.. It is truly heart breaking .   Whats worse is that this is just the beginning ... the next couple weeks are going to be very difficult as many are hoping to go to or return to school this year ..   for several weeks we have had the scholarship fund highlighted on the side of the blog, and if anyone has noticed , it has not moved at all since posting  .. 

Please if any of you can help with this huge need at this time we would appreciate it . 

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