Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What so ever things are good ... think on these.

So despite the bad flights, lost baggage, Bekah's sickness, broken car and visa issues just to start the list, we appear to be back on track today .   We faced so much this return that I will not even go into it .. "What so ever things are Good .. Think on these. "  Let me share some of the good .

We landed in Bishkek on Thursday evening, and Friday morning the Wedding party continued .. for three full days .  
Emma was to sit at the head of the main table , and as people came they would come in and visit with her, bring gifts and place a scarf on her head .  

The girls sitting with Emma between guests 

Jengish and I were given new outfits as well 

Emma and Julie with some of the aunts and family friends 

Julie and I were presented with Cowpaks and scarves as well 

While this was going on , we continued to get settled in and deal with the many issues that arose , but when I look back I choose to remember moments like  being able to have Jengish and Emma take a young orphaned boy out for lunch .  He is getting ready to go back to school to take an I.T. program.  he was asking Jengish if he thought that maybe a small tablet would be good enough for him to learn on .., but thanks to Meljesnic Computers in Norwood , we had the perfect computer for him to learn on. 

just think about how exciting this day was for this young boy .. likely one he will never forget.

Vlady brought over a bunch of Zucchini , so Kamalla and I made 28 Lt of relish  that we will be able to give out .  

we had both green and yellow zucchini , so it looked amazing 

Young Ruslan had the weekend out of the orphanage to stay with Dr Tatuana and Vlady .. they stopped at the house after spending the day in the ancient city with the mettle detector looking for coins .. they walked about 15 km so as soon as he sat down he was a goner .. a good kind of rest .. 
Today , after a year of creating documents and getting all the necessary approvals for a new medical clinic ,  We are ready to start .

The new clinic will be about three times the size we had raised funds for , but will contain not just the waiting room , but clinic and treatment rooms as well as washrooms and an equipment sterilising room .  all so necessary.
The plan will be that we will divide this into two phases .. phase one , we will build the foundation and then the front 1/3 being the waiting room and a small exam room .  This we will have open this fall..  phase two will be the back 2/3s of the building  for this we will have to raise funds ,  starting with local Tokmok Business men , then Over the winter I will see what we can do.  Vlady has started making forms and the cement mixing troughs today and tomorrow , and we will break ground on Friday .

We have about a dozen of Emma's kids coming for breakfast tomorrow , and actually a couple of them will spend the night tonight, then they will be going to camp from here for a couple days .

  We always said that we were not going to get into the habit of giving food from our apartment, but many of the kids now we have known for about 6 years, and we are their family.. these little kids .. are now grown up and trying to make it in a big hard world..   We are just so happy to see them and be able to spend time and to mentor them , its nice to be able to help with the odd meal, and to do a load of laundry for them .    If they are not sitting at our table or on our couch where would they be ?

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