Thursday, July 31, 2014

ready to book John's flight back to Kyrgyzstan .

Yesterday I went out for breakfast with a friend , He was asking how we are doing for this return to Kyrgyzstan .  I shared how excited I was that I was able to purchase Julies ticket the day before.  That has everyone bought and paid for, just my ticket to go. I was pleased about this .. he seemed a little more concerned , or at least maybe thought I should have been concerned .. I pointed out that I am not flying until the following week so I still had 2 weeks before my flight , and I was sure that there will not be a problem .  I am learning that for what ever reason, God seems to always wait until the eleventh hour .. but the seed was planted and I started to think about that and ways to make it work for me to return with Jengish in a couple weeks .  But tried not to worry .. Here today , just 24 hours after that conversation, We have had $1600 given for the flight.    What a blessing . 

I got an update from Kamalla today .. For two years we have had this very stupid gas meter in our apartment .. It has a couple problems .. you pay in advance on a card, then put the card into the meter and you get your gas.. the first problem is that the meter runs on batteries, and the more gas you use the faster the battery dies, and the gas shuts off, the other problem is that there is a safety that if you use too much gas it shuts off thinking that there is a leek .. its idea of too much is the oven and 1 burner.  For two years we have been fighting with the gas company about this ..  As I was leaving in the spring , Kamalla said to me .." it will be fixed before you get back , I promise." .. Well true to her word, yesterday they came and put in a new meter that is the old type the works . Good Job Kamalla.

Its nice that Acel and family are able to come and spend the week in Tokmok with the kids .  Tonight Acel made monty ..a local favorite.  She and the family will be staying for the week .. nice for the kids to have her there.   

At the Table is Baktagool and Kola .  Baktagool just got back from summer camp,  it was the Russian one, and she just found out about a Kyrgyz language camp starting soon, so I have asked Kamalla to do what needs to be done to get her there as well.  Kola is settling in nicely with our God son and his family.. They love having him and say how clean and polite he is , and is a pleasure to have around, and today I was asking how he was feeling, and he said that he really likes living with them as well , so one more thing to be thankful about .  I think about how quickly things could have gone bad for him , but with the support of many of you , things are in place and we were able to help him.   

Acel and the girls with Baktagool and Kola .
Jengish and I have been busy around the house today cooking and getting ready for company tonight.  There is a Bikker group that is going on a ride, then will end up at our home for a traditional Kyrgyz meal  served on the back deck .. Ploff, shashleek, borsolk, and Laproshka, along with all the salads .. I will post some pictures Tomorrow.

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