Monday, August 11, 2014

Here and There

he girls are getting settled in nicely in Kyrgyzstan .  Painting and repairs to Emma and Jengishes / Guest apartement , Getting caught up with all of the kids Emma works with and touching base with all those that we work along side .  They are all thrilled to see the wedding pictures 

They have been doing ok with out me cooking for them, looks like they have a good spread

Now don't feel sorry for us though .  We were blessed today when Sam took us out for ribs .. something that we will not see for a long time, and something thats a a favorite.  

It was also nice to see so many in Brantford that have become such good friends .. both from  there trips to Kyrgyzstan and our trip to Brantford.  They are such a blessing.. When I returned in the spring, I had such a burden for those families from the fire in the village.. as soon as I shared that, they jumped right on it and the whole time we have been home, they have been raising funds so we can go back ready to dig in .. Such a blessing . 

It was also nice to meet up with Lauren as well.. she is a good friend of Emma and Bekah, so it was great to see her. 

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