Thursday, August 21, 2014

A special day at the seniors home, but "What about coal?"

Many of you will know of and even  own one of your own Aigoola blankets.  They are the best , they are warm and they are beautiful .  A real treasure for any one who owns one.  
Over the summer Blair Haverstock worked hard to raise the funds necessary to have one made for every senior at the seniors home.  He has seen how seen the blankets they had, and he knows how cold it gets here in the winter, and has has a burden to  do this for a long time.  Today that dream was realized when the Blankets were delivered to the seniors.

Aigola with all the blankets 
We loaded up two cars and headed out to Kemin to the seniors home .  Unfortunately Our car over heated as we were passing Iskra, so Bekah and Sergey continued with out us and we took the opportunity to go see Larisa and Tanya while the car cooled down. 

gathering seniors together to give them blanket 

what a blessing to have such beautiful blankets 

This is the first time I have seen the younger man on the right smile in the 4 years I have known him 

Thank you Blair and all those who helped him with this blessing to the seniors .

There was a second part to this trip.  The workers at the seniors home where told by the government that they needed to start wearing nurses uniforms.  This is expensive, and many of the workers are volunteers and can not afford uniforms.     
  Bekah and her friends at took up the challenge to raise funds to get them each a uniform.   That need was met, but it gets better.  We found some nurses in the Peterborough area that heard about this need, and started collecting uniforms for us .. if fact they collected  over 100 uniforms so far.  all of them are like new and of the best quality.  So for the cost of buying just a few here in Kyrgyzstan, we were able to pay the shipping for all the uniforms ..  Today Bekah brought them out to the seniors home and every worker there was able to pick out two complete uniforms each, and we still have a suitcase full that we will be able to bless other health care workers with . Thank you Bekah , Thank you Possibilities International , and thank you Canadian nurses who all came together to make this extra blessing possible.

Tanya the seniors home director sorting uniforms 

more sorting
Bekah with the cook and her new uniform 

Bekah also brought a bag of vitamins with her today as well.. just a little extra blessing for them 

When all the excitement was over , Tanya took Bekah aside .  She was very concerned and apprehensive to ask , but she has a genuine concern ..finally she asked " WHAT ABOUT COAL?"

There is no other funding available for coal, and they rely on us to keep the heat on.  the home provides beds for 37 seniors right now, and in the winter time operated as a shelter for another dozen or so on emergency basis.  I have never heard of anyone being turned down for a warm bed, but to keep those beds open and warm, we need 20 tons of coal a winter . Thats just under $2000 .  That is a lot of money.  We recognise that, but we also see how important it is to keep all these seniors warm .    Unfortunately from this point on into the winter , the cost of coal will only increase and the availability will decrease ..  It may be over 100 degrees in the valley right now, but when we look to the mountains, we can already see the snow caps forming.   We need to act quickly .. there are so many others that will need our help with coal this winter , but lets start now with the seniors.  Thank you all so much for your on going support with this . 

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