Sunday, August 24, 2014

Critical needs

I think right from the time we started coming to Central Asia, we have had many people, and you may be one of them, that have give a donation, and then said , if there are any emergency's that arise, let us know and we can do more ?  

  I have always felt that there are so many needs that an open invitation to directly contact a sponsor could be a difficult habit to break so I have avoided it . 

   Today we are facing so many needs .. with back to school supplies for the orphanages,  the needs for more clothes for many of the kids , the scholarships, coal for winter heat, funds for food drops, medical treatments, and the list goes on.  

  A couple days ago I was in the bazaar , and so many people came to me with needs those I know and those that I don't know , I finally gave up and went and waited in the car for the others. 

  Just to cover the most basic needs with the orphans and seniors we are trying to help, we are around  $25 000 short.   We do have funds for a few large projects we are working on such as the Hospital waiting room and the men's home and the shelter for those who lost everything in the fire. The difficult part is people see we have funds for those areas, but do not understand designated funds and that we can't use those funds to help an orphaned  child go to school .

  I know that many of those who have donated in the past are very socially conscious,  and with the mess the world is in today I am sure you are all being pulled in so many different directions , I am sure that daily in the home front there are many things coming up .. tuition and back to school for your own kids,  or maybe dumping a bucket of water and making a donation for a worthwhile cause .. they are all important, 

This is not easy to be asking, but as Julie always points out to me ,We are a voice for those who would otherwise never be heard..  Please consider helping us at this time with an special donation so we can continue to bring Hope and dignity to those struggling in Kyrgyzstan and their critical needs . 

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