Monday, November 14, 2011

update from Emma

Emma just sent some more photo's , I thought you might be interested in some of them.

This is Luba. If you have been following the blog, you will remember her from Orlofka orphanage. We have been supporting her for 3 years now in university.

This photo is of the widow of my tatchka ( cart) driver friend who passed away last month . She is sick as well and needs an operation on her leg.. I should know more details soon and know what we can do help save her..

This is the home of a friend of Talents. He works hard, but like so many, he just can not seem to catch a break. He planted a huge garden of Garlic, but the conditions for garlic were not right this year, and they did not grow big enough to sell in the market, so Emma and family have an abundance of mini garlic that they bought from him to help him out...

While Jody and Gabriel were in Tokmok last month, they purchased coal for may in need ... unfortunately when they went to get it, there was no coal in Tokmok at the time, so Emma and the LAMb staff looked after that as soon as the coal trains arrived. They have provided coal for the: seniors home in Kemin, the community otreach center in Kemin, the safe beds in Tokmok, the Dayspring home, the rehab center, and 5 ton to be distributed in bags this winter to families in need. 40 tons of coal in total. We will likely only need another 5 or 10 tons over the winter .

Thank you to everyone that had a part in these blessings .. and all the creative ways you helped raise funds..

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