Thursday, November 03, 2011

Update from Altynai

Bringing people together for a collective good .. This is one of our objectives, but is not always an easy one. But a group of students came together .. so many differences, but yesterday when they came together the focuses changed from the day timers we had sent them , to what they have in common.

From there it was only a very small step to what they can do to effect positive change in their country. Lets remember these young adults ... This is where real change will take place ...

"Yesterday we had pizza party for our brothers and sisters :

we had some students from 2 different groups

We had pizza and then everyone got a student planner.

All students thank you for these planners, we were happy to know

that you care for us.

At the end of the party students shared their vision

about creating a team that will raise money by auctions or concerts

and then spend them helping people in needs: orphanages or senior's homes.

It was great meeting, thank you :)"

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