Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aidar Update

With great happiness we share a wonderful update story on Aidar. Many of you will remember sweet Aidar.

His story has touched so many from many countries around the world. And it all started because we stopped for the one in front of us. Aidar took our hands and grabbed our hearts first in April 2009. Over two years many of our supporters struggled to get him the Cardiac surgery that would save his life. Many routes were sought and finally persistance and faith has paid off. In September Aidar was given the gift he so much deserved. His heart has been repaired! His surgery and recovery was nothing short of a miracle. He is now recovering nicely.

We are unsure what the future holds for young Aidar. But one thing is certain he has touched many lives. His surgery and aftercare has been possible through the efforts of local friends who have collaborated to make a difference one life at a time. His aftercare has been fronted but we would love to find resources to support the friends who worked hard to make this happen...
Thank you to every one who has had a part in helping this beautiful boy, and to those of you who would commit to his on going care, we ask a special blessing .

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