Tuesday, November 08, 2011

hospital repairs under way

We have the guys out working at the Baby hospital right now. The plumbing has been completed, so not they are patching the holes left by the blumber and repairing the spots that could never be fixed properly because of the constant leak.. but now it is dry and can be fixed . While they were doing that , it was brought to their attention that the steps into the nursery were dangerous. There was only a very small canopy over the steps, and it leaked. So we decided to replace it as well. Yo can see below . It is not finished yet, but it it almost twice as long as the old one, and sticks out twice as far.

Oh Ya .. Just bought our tickets over at Christmas.. we have a team of 9 going to help us celebrate Christmas, and bring bags of Vitamins ... I will tell you more about who the team is tomorrow .

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