Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering the sacrifices

I can remember my first Veterans day in Kyrgyzstan, I had some business to attend to the day before at the local police station. The police Sargent I was there to meet was away because he was trying to find the funds to purchase the flowers that he needed to bring to the cenotaph the next day. Suddenly it dawned on me the date, and I remembered ... I don't know why but I was surprised wen I realized that was a day that they remember as well.. Not only that, but that they were our allies.
Since that time, I started to take a little more notice of the veterans that we were working with... a little more understanding of where life may have brought them. I think of our seniors from the seniors home like "the General" siting beside our young friend Logan in this photo below.
"Blessed is the peace maker" I am so thankful for the sacrifice of so many so that we have the freedoms that we have today .. Please take a moment today and remember all those who have done their part.

This next video is a little treat from an old veteran we are friends with.. He has only one leg and lives on a pension of under $25 a month . Despite his own situation, he still tries to bring a little happiness to others. The neighbors know him as the little man who sits out on the bridge and sings to all those that walk buy.. He told me that singing covers up the hurts, and the lonesomeness.

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