Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rest your weary feet.....

At the end of the busy day, the last stop was to Aigoolqa's house... Isn't it funny that sometimes the very people we are trying to bless are the ones that bless us the most... The team was so exhausted when they arrived, but knew they needed to push through and do one more party tonight... What they did not know is that Aigoola had gotten wind that they were making the rounds today, and when they arrived, the table was set, and the true Kyrgyz hospitality was experienced once again with the family we have all come to love.. Anya said that she was just so blessed... she said it was one of the best gifts she could have received... Then after supper, they all exchanged gifts... Not only did they have gifts for the family, but the family had all made gifts for them as well.

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