Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Night on the town !

I guess I was a little behind on my posts... I just got call from Anya asking if I am feeling OK because I have not posted in a few days... Just because I have not posted, does not mean that they have not been busy...

a couple days ago, I got a report from Anya about a very special day..... lets back up a little... Simple dreams come in all sorts and sizes... I was talking with a mother of a little girl adopted from Central Asia, she shared how she was so sorry that she had not been able to go to the Russian Ballet while she was there, and that she would have loved to take some of the older girls from the orphanage with her... she had always dreamed of being a ballerina..... So when the money came in for a day on the town, It gave us an opportunity to meat 2 simple dreams at once.

Sergey and Anya gathered up a few of the older girls from the orphanage, and a few of the kids sponsored by a friend of ours ( you may remember them as the 2 little girls living in the tinny room with their grandmother as well as ) Kumushi and Vladic who are in a dance class... and they all headed into the Capital for a night on the town....

They had a blast. and were so excited to be in a place like this... somewhere they had never dreamed possible....

You can read Anya's take on it bellow.....

Hi, John.
We all waht to say for you and for what people who give money for ballet. Is was nice and good time. Kids liked. This is ferst time for all us and me. When we came one lady said what I need buy program about that concert. I asked why I need that? And think ( what I am not stupid ) but that lady said ( because this is ballet. And you can not understand ). And I bought that program. Is was good idea :) Is was truth. If I not read befor I think what I had problem. And I read for kids too.
After ballet we was in "FAIZA" (very nice resteraunt) and kids took ( PELMENY) :)
After that we have money and we took kids for cars is was fun for all them.
John, we have problem with our foto-camera :( Today is broke it is like same broke like in your camera when you and all your family was here :(
Sergey try to do.
I hope you will like foto.
And thak you again for all.
Sergey, Anya and kids.
We focus allot on food and medical supplies, blankets and beds when we think of humanitarian aid... but really... this has likely done more for these kids then a dozen hot meals.....

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Maria said...

I'm betting I know just who your ballerina was too. However, this is just beautiful -- what you have done for these children is to give them an experience they will treasure forever. I'm certain it was a beautiful performance. Their lives will be changed because of it. How lovely!!