Sunday, December 27, 2009

Report from Acel and Talent

Something that I keep bringing up, but I feel is so important is What makes an orphan... So many of the children are social orphans.. there is a belief left over from the Soviet times that Children are better off in state care... because of this, it takes very little for children to find themselves in an institution. Some times it is because the child has a disability... in these cases the parents feel the kids would be better off in an institution because they can not care for them... We have found that with just a little bit of support these parents will keep their kids at home.. they actually provide beautiful loving homes, and the kids do so much better then if they had been abandoned .. In a few days, we will have some photo's of our workers and friends bringing them Christmas parties... but that is not who we had parties with today... Today we had Christmas for another special group of kids that with out your support would be living in orphanages... These are the children of disabled parents... many times parents will become sick and disabled, and be forced to send their kids to an orphanage.. but again , it does not need to be that way... Talant runs a fund that works with these families and provides the little extras that give them the HOPE that they can do it, and that they can care for their children.. Today Talant threw an incredible party on the streets of the capital... about Blind people came out with their kids.. they had music and gifts for them, then as a special treat, they were given new coats , boots, pants, and lots of other wonderful treats

That's what Acel & Talant did with their $250 of pie money.... Not to shabby.....

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HI john! We are sending these pictures with a graet thankful heart. You didn`t see how they were thankful . God bless! Love Acel Talent.

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