Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dump and Dine

They say that it is a good idea to go on a date on a regular basis ... even when you are married... Julie and I maintain that... Every Saturday morning when we are home, we go on our DUMP and DINE DATE... off to the dump then out for breakfast... I know what your are thinking ... "OH John you are so romantic" and "such a financial splurge as well.".. well actually if I let you in on a little secret's not that bad... you see there is someone that gets to the dump Saturday mornings just before us that throws out a large water bottle... the kind that have a $10 deposit on them, so it actually pays for breakfast...!
This morning when we got there there was a little boy collecting the dump... Julie started to feel sorry for him and wanted me to give him some money... and I know not to argue with her...too much... because it always come back to " If this was in Kyrgyzstan you would have no problem with ........ " I said well OK go ahead. So Julie rolled down the window and called him over... she gave him a couple bucks . Then this great big fancy four wheeler Ram truck decked out with all the chrome and extras started to back in beside us... Julie told the young boy he had better be careful of this big truck..."It's OK" he said "That's my Mom " and he trotted off with the Bottles...and Julie's $3....
Not quite the ending to the storey the little one on the header of this blog is facing... I have to think...where is he know.... does he need a nice warm blanket....Now that would be a few dollars well spent!
Note from Julie
I love our dump and dine dates and think we should keep up our tradition for a long time. however I do need to clarify some of the details of this story. I thought the little boy in the dump was very industrious and even reminded me of John. So I thought I would help him along with his efforts. I was stuck by the contrast of other dumps that we visit but I didn't think for a minute that this boy was poor. But I like the "stop for the one in front of you" idea. So I think this few dollars was well spent too.

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Anonymous said...

That was worth the $3 just for the story.
John you can still have the last word in this though, but it better be......"yes dear"


Dan :)