Friday, January 01, 2010

Hospital Update

Today's photos are from the Baby hospital that we just did the renovation for.. As many of you know, there has been a back up of children waiting to go to the baby orphanage.. this has left the hospital with lots of extra mouths to feed, and no budget for this... Sergey and Anya have been bringing food for them as they are able. Over and over they have been sharing with me what an incredible Dr and staff this hospital has.

At the beginning of the Christmas season, their first stop was to bring food here, They were so thrilled that they could come back and bring gifts to the children that are there this Christmas season. In a couple weeks when the blankets are done, they will be getting new blankets as well... I had another confirmation of this when opened this email a few minutes ago.

Ania asked me to tell you that doctor Tatiana came today to ask for clothes and blankets for little baby who is in the hospital now. Baby burned by his mom with a boiled water. She didn't like when baby was crying she poured the water to her baby herself. So Ania gave to them Blanket and some clothes from your apartment.

When something as simple as a blanket requires a Dr to go out looking for help, I can only imagine the burst of encouragement it will be when our friends arrive there in a few weeks with a new EKG machine,.. and not just any EKG machine, but the exact make and model the hospital has been hopping for.

Hay look at the new floor ! after we renovated the rooms there, it became very evident that the old worn and torn flooring needed to be changed... We patched the spots we could, but when we priced out the floor , I realized it would be a job for the spring. I was so happy to hear that LAMb leadership had been there and were able to find sponsors to have the floors done....

Tomorrow we have lots more Christmas Celebrations in the works...

as well, reports from the team in Haiti have started to come in... you can follow along with their journey at

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Lori said...

How this hurts and warms my heart at the same time...I wish I could take each and every one of those babies into my arms and love them forever. Thank you for the update...and the opportunity to help.