Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And the Christmas Dreams Begin

The Christmas finances have finally landed and cleared all the banks .... Sergey and Anya were busy today distributing funds to many many of our friends that will be helping make Christmas a special time for so many... There are just no words that can express the buzz of excitement that is taking place right now all over Central Asia.. Here are a few of the letters that just came in to my email as the funds were delivered... Even the skype line was humming today as final instructions were given.... I need to figure out how to work the conference calling on skype

Acel: Hi John julie. We got Christmas blessings for the blind society and for us thank you very much.God bless you too, we are so happy
On Sunday we will take presents for blind people`s kids Talent borrowed suit of Santa Clouse from Sergey he`s going to be santa clouse for those kids
So on Sunday we`ll sent some pictures of them thanks a lot God bless!

Greetings John and Джулия. How are you doing. We have a preparation to Christmas .26
December it is planned the celebratory program for children of Village about 30
Children. Потдержите us in a pray that the holiday has gone right and there was all необходимое.25
December we meet Christmas in Церкви.6 January проздник for elderly on 20
The person. How are you doing .С coming Christmas. Write how are you doing what new
with you. With the best regards Belief and Oleg.

Hi John.. We may with God help to help twenty or more chidren I know two family
no husbands three children each.Aizada can bake small kirgiz bread,candy,
pictures with story about Christmas .Love.Blessings.Vlady.


first I want to ask about baby food for kids in the baby hospital, I ask Anara and she said what baby food just for couple days and will finish. Can you do something for that? Or maybe we can do something for Christmas for them?
And about Christmas this is very soon and you said what we need doing present for kids from orphanages . We have help from Altynai and kids for this

And other.
I need phone # of one organisation. ( one day you and Sergey and othe ladys was in Capital for organisation where kids live not for long time. This is if police found the kids on the street and they not have parents they take kids and bring in that organisation. After in that organisation worke to look what they can do for that kids maybe kids will go in orphanage or will back in family ). I ask that phone# because we want to bring for that kids clothes what we have. and bring Christmas and craft money you sent.
If you have questions ask me.

In fact in the next two weeks Sergey and Anya have
6 more orphanages , and several families and homes they will be visiting... As the photo's come in we will get them posted...

As many of you know , My heart is in Central Asia, but the work of Possibilities International is much farther reaching then that, They have similar Christmas planes with their dream agents in the Philippines, Hatti, Guatemala, Africa, and our friends from Loads of love in Ukraine... All in all this is going to be one incredible month of Blessings that you are not going to want to miss.. follow along all at once over at at Party central

Now all that is left for us to do is sit back and watch as an incredible Machine of dream agents do what they do best...

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