Friday, May 03, 2024

Update from the Ranch

I had shared in passing about some problems we had at the Ranch this spring.  I will take a moment now an share a little more in depth. 

We had put the hater on over night to warm the building up a bit.  The problem was that the original wiring was too small and some point during the night the wires melted and set fire .   Fortunatly the fire quickly went out , but not with out first filling the room with black soot.  

We re-did the wiring , all the way back to replacing the meter box, circut box , then ran a heavy gage wire to each room for use with items with a large power draw like plug in heaters.  We then cleaned the walls in the worst area and painted the wall.  

That was not the only difficulty we had .  At the same time we had a terrible wind storm the ripped the roofs of many houses, barns and public buildings.  Three pnnels of the old part of our roof were blown off as well, then the rain caause a lot of dammage inside when sections of the ceiling colapsed .  

We were able to patch the roof, and then we cleaned up inside and put a patch over the damaged area.  This is a temporary fix, and we will need to properly repair it .  Until we geet a new roof on there is not much sence in doing a lot of work inside.    

So now that we ar starting to get caught up with other projects , we have gone back to reassess what is needed .. The problem is that the boards that the old roof is nailed into are old and starting to rot.  So we will need to strip off the old roof and replace the cross brasses, then put on the new roof.  To do this will cost just over $1000 USD .  then for the inside we will do some repairs on the walls and then put up a stretched membrain ceiling .  To do this will be another $500 so what it comes down to is that we will need to invest $1500 USD into the Kashar, hopefully before too mant more stormes come through.   If you would be interested in helping us with this, please uses one of the donate buttons on the top right side of the blog.  

We did have some exciting news this week as well .. This spring after the bees on the farm started to venture out in the spring, we had a deep freeze and snow.  This wipped out the entire honey production.  We have just recieved and set up 30 new families of bees .   Up in the mountain , spring had not come yet so the bees had not started to venture out as much so the hives there survived.   



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