Thursday, May 16, 2024

An oppertunity to bless a family

Today was a great relief on a couple fronts .. the guys have been working to find the problem with the town water, and today they found a blockage in the pipe.  They were able to fix it and tomorrow will replace the 40 feet of constricted pipe they found a few days ago.  

The really good news is that the tractor is fixed and in it's at qy back home .  This could have been up to a couple thousand dollars and months of fighting to find th parts .. but some used clutch plates and some new seals were found and we are back In Business for just $200. The tractor had made it's return across the mountain. 

A couple days ago we had someone come to us looking for help to buy a tractor 

They have a large family and have a large farm growing raspberries and strawberries.  But to grow enough to support his family the garden is too big to care for by hand 

They tried to get a bank loan for the tractor but with the interest rates of up over 20%. It is just too much for them .  As a last resort before giving up the farm , he is hoping that we can find him a micro loan .  

They are looking for $2000.   If anyone would like to help with this .  What we would offer is an interest free loan  with monthly payments geared to income .  and the loan when paid back would be used as a loan to another need for someone else  that we come across. 

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