Monday, May 27, 2024


The gardens are now all in at the farm.  Some of the plants were planted from seed directly into the garden , but others were started in the green house and have just been moved out.   With the water shortages coming up this year we have had to be a little more strategic with the planting.  We are setting up an irrigation system that we can refill from the river if needed .. we have also put mulch around the plants so that they retain the water.    

We have focused mainly on the produce that we can store for the winter .. pickled beats, pickled peppers, zucchini, Tomatoes and egg plants.

We have a small kitchen garden close to main house where we have all the other garden items . .. peas, beans, salads, radishes, carrots and onions . 

Some of these rows are marigolds that will be transplanted around the garden where needed to help to control the bugs  

We have also expanded the raspberries and the strawberries since they do not take as much watering . 

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