Sunday, April 11, 2021

Update on the Dental chair

A few weeks ago I shared Vera's desire to set up a dental office right at the orphanage so that the kids could be treated as well as others in the community that need help.  The first step we to get the chair.  Funds were raised and the chair is now in place. 

As we suspected we will need some other supplies.  We have found two dentists that will come to help us, but we had hoped that they would bring most of the tools that they will need, but they will not be able to bring them from their offices as the offices will still be open.  We will need to purchase our own and set up the full office.  The estimates are in, and we need $600 USD or $770 Canadian.  The tools are on hold for us and as soon as the funds come in they will be able to start treating those in need. 

We are ready to re open the guest house and the Kashar & Yurts.  We will have to change things up a bit.  We will have enhanced cleaning and safety measures.  The main farm will remain closed to the guests , and we will not be able to provide meals.  We have set up a kitchenet in each place so that guests can do their own cooking.   We will only have one booking at each location, and will have three days between guest bookings so that we have time to safely get in and clean and disinfect for the next guest. 

the guest house has been cleaned and painted inside and out , and the kashar has been completely cleaned and new bedding, and the water and heat is ready after being winterized last fall . 


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