Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Blessed to be a Blessing

Thank you Thank you Thank you to those who donated .. We raised enough to put together 200 food hampers .. And thank you Thank you Thank you to the  happy volunteers  who spent the day assembling and who will help to deliver .   Over and over again we have turned to them for help, and they have always been eager to assist . 

Here is a short video of the bags being assembled you might like to watch 

I remember the first year we had the farm, looking out at the garden and wondering how we were ever going to afford the seeds to plant. Thousands and thousands of lbs of produce have come off those gardens since that day.  Today we prepare to plant, not only our own gardens, but hundreds of other family gardens to others who are looking out at their gardens wondering how they will ever afford to plant this year.  Out at the farm, all the seeds are being assembled and will be packaged into individual packages for each family , and will be ready to deliver to our sub stations buy tomorrow or Thursday .   Each of our workers has a list of families that they will deliver to.  

20 lbs of seed potatoes will be given with each basket of seeds. 


We feel so blessed to be a part of such a blessing to others ... 

Blessed to be a Blessing ! 

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