Friday, April 16, 2021

Pray for the Seeds

 I heard a quote  “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”  As we are heading into a second year of lock downs , shut downs and closed businesses, it is difficult to always see the the harvest, but if we truly want so experience that harvest , it begins with planting the seeds . 

seeds that will be included in the garden baskets being distributed 

 We have just under 250 families that our people have identified that could be truly blessed with a garden basket .  Each basket we plan to  include 30 packages of assorted seeds, 10 kg of seed potatoes , 10 tomato plants and 10 pepper plants .  This will cost $10 US, and will start producing in 6 weeks and last well into 2022.    We have placed the orders and will be picking up all the seeds and be ready to distribute in a couple days .  The total cost for this if we are able to purchase for all 250 families will be $2500.  We have $1000 raised so far so we are looking for help for 150 families @ $10 each  that's $1500  that we need in the next couple of  days .   If you would like to help us plant a seed , If you would like to be part of the harvest, please use the donate button on the top right side of the blog and put "seeds"  in the memo line .  Thank you again for all your support with this incredible opportunity to be a  blessing.   Then   PRAY FOR THE SEEDS 

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