Tuesday, April 13, 2021

a Time to Sow

 It is time to plant the gardens in Kyrgyzsytan, and many simply do not have the seeds to put into the ground.  If they miss the planting  we will have more mouths to feed .  The idea is that if we include seeds in the food packages to those who have gardens,  they can grow their own food over the summer .   This really is not anything new for us, we usually help some families with seeds at this time of year , but never to this scale .   We are working on a list now, but expect about 250 families and we are thinking about $10 worth of seeds and seed potatoes  per family .  That's $2500.  We are going ton purchase $500 worth of seeds this week  so we will know the exact price, and our people are compiling a list of people that they know in need so that in a few days we will have the exact totals .  If you would like to help with this , just mark "seeds" in the memo line.    

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