Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Come take a drive with me !

If you have a moment , come with me, I want to take you on a virtual drive with Tanya.  Her heart breaks for the people around her, but she is doing something about it. 

"Yesterday. I with my grandmother prepared plov for the people to the dump.  Hot plov I brang to the dump . people were so glad.  They are told me that only has  water at the dinner , but today is best day of dinner.. I told you I bought meat, rice and everything I needed for lunch for the dump people..

 Next time we have donation, I'll cook the plov again and feed the people again. ..

 I wanted the word of God to be carried to the dump but people from the church they are afraid of Cavid. They are right to be.    So I'll go and feed people myself... Thank you do much. I was glad yesterday do it ."

"Lolas grandmother told me that she forget normal food, only food from the dump. she was so thankful."

A special Thank you to all who help Tanya to be a blessing to those around her. 

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