Sunday, April 25, 2021

Now the work begins

A list was prepared with hundreds of families on it that have the ways but not necessarily the means to put in a garden this year.   When food is so scarce, its really hard to spend the money or give up the seed for something so far down the road.  To take a small seed and put it into the ground and have the faith and the Hope that it will turn into something.  It is kind of like giving.  We take a small blessing and put it out there and then trust that the blessing will multiply .  

Today at one of our depots, families arrived to pick up their blessings.  They were over joyed .  Many knew that they were going to receive seeds, but what they did not know is that they would receive so many and such a large selection of seeds .   For some, there will be enough seeds to share with others and for some they will be able to make their gardens bigger then they every have before.

At the farm , on a good day we can produce up to 1500 lbs of produce  that we bring to institutions and those in need.. Through this project, 10 times the number of seeds will go into the ground.   What a blessing this will be for so many 

So now the work begins as hundreds of little garden plots spring up around the valley. 


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