Friday, March 27, 2020

We did it !

For those that have been following and sharing in our concerns, I just wanted to give a praise report.. As I had shared a couple months ago, we had gone into this spring in one of our most financially strapped periods since the farm opened. Because of a generous out pouring from so many of you , we did manage to balance the budget a couple weeks ago. We knew that with the humanitarian aid provided by the spring teams and the spring season of the guest house business we had made it ... THEN CAME THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Loosing all our teams this spring and the closing of the guest house put me back into a tail spin. We still had resources , Honey to sell , poultry and animals .. and a small emergency stash .. Just days into this crisis God made it clear to us that we were to do more.  We began packing food hampers and including meat, and honey and coal and accelerated  our deliveries .. Everything we have is by Gods grace and his mercy he has shown us .. So everything we have has to be offered back at a time like this.    More and more calls came in for support by people with no where else to turn .. less then 48 hours ago we put into action a plan that would see $3500 CDN go into major food drops to orphanages and families in need .. over 200 separate families and probably close to 1500 people .. The last of the funds will be available for transfer in 5 1/2  hours at the stroke of midnight my time .. and here is the MIRACLE... not only did we meet the need, not only did we cover all our bills this month .. not only are our workers getting paid, but there is $60 extra in the bank

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