Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Road blocks and food drops

And just like that access to the farm has been cut off. 

Vlad was on his way out from town after doing some banking and found that the locals had set up their own barriers , closing the roads with no way in or out of the region .  Here is the problem with taking measures into their own hands ... Emergency services,  Fire , Ambulance, police and grocery are all on Vlads side of the barricade and none on the farm side. 

Nick is now the Guy .. Fortunately the farm is stocked and the kids are all in .  Now we need to keep them all in and  occupied so they don't do anything stupid. If you know the farm at all, you know that this is a big Job, but Nick is up to it 

Sergey was able to make it out to Auxana's to bring food and supplies to them . 

As I am typing this we are working on a large humanitarian aid response to the need for food.  As prepared as we are, the reality of the situation is going to blow us over if we don't stay ahead of this thing .

The average family only has a few days of food at a time and are in no way prepared for the weeks or months ahead of them. Many do not have contact with the global news and had no idea that this was coming .  Potatoes and carrots direct from farms is how we would like to help .. They are about the most affordable , filling and nutritional food that we can purchase .. Our goal for the first drop ship is to raise about $2500 to supply about a months ration to aprox 200 families .   I know and understand that many of you who are able have already gone above and beyond in the last couple weeks, but maybe you know someone .. someone who is in a place to help or who might know someone ...

If you do, please let us know .

Blessings John and Julie

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