Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Good Medicine

Lots of work going on at the farm.  For starters, we are going to move four of the sheep from the mountain down to the farm so that they are ready to prepare to eat or for food hampers as they are needed .   This was difficult to think about at first, but this is something that we have and we can focus on rebuilding the herd after this is all over. 

time to start moving sheep down  to the farm 

We received word of  another donation coming in so we went ahead today and purchased some more basic food stuffs while they are readily available .

Misha unloading the flour and oil 

Its good at times like this to have constructive things available for the farm family to do as they are all returning to the farm until further notice.  Today they started to pack the food hampers with all the dry goods , so when it comes time to distribute, all they have to do is add the produce from the green house, some vitamins and the meat.

Ruslan and Sibera packing food hampers 

One of my jobs on the farm is to do the plowing .  I get people started for the day and the business taken care of then if anyone needs me they will find me out on the tractor.  There is already so much for Vlad to do that if he gets a moment, I would rather him sit and visit / reassure and council the farm folks.  We have  started having neighbours contact us about their spring plowing as well.   I spoke with Beksolten a couple hours ago and he has agreed to come back to the farm to help out.  He is great at opwerating the tractor and will be able to dedicate the hours that are needed to keep up.     

My view from the tractor for several hours a day 

We will also take advantage of this down time, and do some paint and repairs on the guest house .

Beksoltan out for a ride 

Beksolten is really good at that type of thing as well so It will be great to have him helping with that .  Nick will be home as well so he will over see the renovations to make sure that none of the furniture bedding or  art work gets damaged.

  This is what I was reading today ...

"A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength."  

This is so true.  When we first had to face that we could not return to Kyrgyzstan at this time, and there would be a whole new norm for life , not just for us but for all, It I felt like my spirit was broken and yes I did spend some extra time in bed.  But as I began to get my head on strait and see the good things that God was trying to show me , my heart is becoming cheerful despite the world around us .. and I am telling you it is good medicine.

Today I challenge you to start focusing on the promises of God .. Lets start with this one .. go ahead and look it up...
"For I know the plans that I have for you... "

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