Thursday, March 12, 2020

Next comes peace

We are so discouraged and upset we do not know where to start, so much so that we have decided to take a day to self medicate .  

So what has brought this about you might ask ? 

We were set to fly out on Monday night.  Last night travel restrictions were added to people entering Kyrgyzstan.  Coming from Canada we would have to quarantine for a period of 14 days .. but the problem is that half way through our stay we have to go to Kazakhstan and back to renew our visa and that could potentially be another 14 days there and 14 more days when we get back , and that is not the worst of it as if 46 days in quarantine was not enough, if anyone on the plane is found to have a temperature, then the whole plane would be quarantined at the old air base in units of 80 people per room.  

Then things get worse from there. We had 5 groups coming to the farm that have all had to cancel because they would not make it out of quarantine before returning home  . Those teams provided the funding for special projects and outings .  

Next up is the issue of the guest house and the safety of the kids on the farm .   I always say, We are not a guest house , we are a home for those out of the orphanage , and we are not a farm, we are a home for the kids out of the orphanage .. that is what we are and that has to be our first priority.  So we have made the decision  to close the guest house and kashar until it is deemed safe to re open.  Along with this we will restrict day visitors to those who have been in the country for more then 14 days and have not been in contact with anyone who has not been in the country for more then 14 days .. 

Did I mention that the guest house makes up 70% of our operating budget in the summer months ?  

We have been able to re book our flights to a date 59 days prior to our June departure so we will not need to leave Kyrgyzstan mid trip, as well it will give 6 more weeks to run the course and we pray things will subside.  

To be honest , facing this we are devastated and doing our best to trust God and have faith that things will all work out.  I know peoples heart when they say things like they have absolute faith that God will provide .. how could he not , he has put this whole farm in motion , just have faith he will provide .. 
To be honest , at the low point I want to say "Oh Ya if you have so  much faith he will provide, why don't you put it all on the line and write check for this
 $10 000 hit, and let Him pay you back."  It just is so hard to put your solders back hold your head hi and smile ..

As we move forward from here , Yes we need prayers of provision , but first and foremost please pray for strengths in the storm not just for Julie and I but all our co workers and kids, friends and neighbors  as well.

Next comes peace !

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RandalJohn said...

Hang in there gang ..everything happens for a reason...His reason. We may not understand it in our human understanding but needs will be met....I encourage others to join in prayer for the needs in Kyrgyzstan and John & Julie's ongoing mission there and for all those wonderful book involved in the daily running of the Farm! You are not alone in this!