Monday, March 16, 2020

Just wait and see ....

When things get rough , there is a scripture that is often quoted by people to show how easy it is for God to provide.  "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills" .  

Borders have closed and food will be at a premium, and we don't just have our farm family that I worry about , but also that families and orphanages that we support.  We have lost our Humanitarian Aid budget with the loss of teams, and we have lost the majority of our operating expenses  with the closing of the guest house .. Then I received this photo from Vlad . 

Do you see what I see .. A hill top .. one of thousands around the farm, but this one is special .. It is ours, and the sheep on it .. They are ours too.  Tonight I spoke with the sponsor of the sheep , and we will be able to start eating them as well we will be able to start putting together some food hampers to help others as well . 
We have lots of salads in the green house 

and our winter crop of spinach  will be ready to pick in just a few weeks .. already they have started to form leaves . 

We also have a good supply of honey still on the farm, and a couple days ago we had a donation to purchase flour, rice, oil and pasta.

We even had some cash donations come in for Vitamins that we have been able or place an order from our supplier in Kyrgyzstan 

So Yes things are tight right now, and yes they may get a hole lot worse , but we have been blessed , and now it is upon us to continue to be a blessing to others.
Just wait and see what the Lord will do!
So on another subject .. Meet Matyr.  He is 24 years old and in need of a place to live.  He has come to us through Dr Tatyana. He has some medical issues that he needs help with as well .  Although his is known issues are not contagious, we are still screening for other possible issues.  Today he had a chest ex-ray.   We are praying they come back clear. It will be much easier to help him if he is one of our farm family. 

Another update from the farm is that Sibera was able to get into the dentist this week and get some teeth fixed thanks to NLC sponsoring her from Petrolia. 

Today was the day that Julie and I were scheduled to head for Kyrgyzstan. We choose to be thankful and  give God glory despite circumstances .. We have a great team on the ground. We are all safe and healthy, and we have the cattle on a thousand hilltops at our disposal .. I know this because as I read on in that verse I read

Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, 
 and keep the vows you made to the Most High. 
 15 Then call on me when you are in trouble,
 and I will rescue you,
 and you will give me glory.”

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