Thursday, March 26, 2020

"She Cried"

"She went to the dump because she heard that there was an old potatoe"

We really don't understand the severity of things, especially in developing countries.  
This past week we have had to change things up a bit .. my cheap no name rice was not in the store, all they had left was the expensive gourmet brand of Basmati rice ... this is what first world problems look like .. But lets take a minute and see what we could be facing .. Here is a report that I just got from Tanya from when  she was delivering food today ... 

"People have need especially in food now . people do not work, sit at home,.. A woman went to the dump today to find food for her three children. People told her that there was an old potato there , she went to the dump,but the potatoe was already taken away by another people , she went home with nothing, and at that time I arrived to bring food for her .she cried.  she was thankful to you.  I told that this help from John and your friends. .She told that 3 children had nothing to eat  but today she have .

 Everyone is very grateful to you. Thank you so much for the blessing .this help were in time.Thank God for you and your friends ,who help us in Kg. Thank you that you remember and dont forget us.Thank you for your kind big heart"

She is not the only one who is crying.  My heart is breaking as this is effecting families that I know . 

.. In a six hours from now, our people will go to the bank to get out money that is not there yet, to purchase supplies for 200 more families like these ones ..   At this point in time we need $1600 still to cover this food drop.  

Update .. as of 7:00 pm we have just $900 to go . 

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