Monday, November 09, 2015

Good Job Boys

All summer long the kids on the farm worked hard to care for and harvest produce that we brought to the orphanages and people in need.  

They took turns going with us to do deliveries ,  it really gave them a sense of accomplishment .. When people would come to the farm to get food, the kids would run to the fields and in no time the cars would be filled to the brim.   I love that we are able to include the kids in this part of the farm.  It teaches them a sense of community and the need to care for others .  They grew up on the receiving end at the orphanages, so now it is great that they are experiencing the other side of the blessing. 

Now that the fields are in, we still what the kids to develop a social conscience.. Today they are volunteering at the hospital project. 

The concrete blocks have arrived and they needed to be off loaded and placed inside the foundation so that they are close when we start to lay the blocks, as well they are less likely to walk off on their own 

best part of the day is always the lunch break 

Good job boys 

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