Saturday, November 07, 2015

ref·uge ˈrefˌyo͞oj,

 a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.

This summer a small house was purchased for us to use as part of the farm, At the time , mostly for they land as the house was questionable if it could be saved.   There was so much going on that we did not have time to work on it, but some how every time I walked past it, I knew that there was a greater purpose for this property, but it sure was hard to see.. The walls were crumpling and the foundation had eroded, and the windows were empty frames...

A couple weeks ago it sure did not look like much of a refuge, but there was a bigger and greater plan for this house .  As soon as the last of the crops came off the gardens, we began work on the house.   First the foundation was completely replaced, we know the importance of beginning on a strong foundation , the walls were stripped down removing any loose and crumbling mud and cement, they were then reinforced with steal and wire then straitened and new concrete applied. It was painted and the new foundation was treated with a tar coat to keep it strong.   and finely the new thermal pain windows installed.    By last Sunday the house looked like this.

today, six days later,  there is a family moving in that is in troublethey need a warm, dry place in bad weather, a cool place when it’s hot and shelter from the storm. 

Isaiah 25:4 in the Message it says "brutal oppressors bow in worshipful reverence. They’ll see that you take care of the poor, that you take care of poor people in trouble, Provide a warm, dry place in bad weather, provide a cool place when it’s hot. Brutal oppressors are like a winter blizzard and vicious foreigners like high noon in the desert. But you, shelter from the storm and shade from the sun, shut the mouths of the big-mouthed bullies."

A mother and Father and 5 kids have been brought before us and we are moving quickly now to have the house ready for them.  They will move in now,  as is, but we are working fast to try to furnish the house and provide the necessities for a family of six who has had to start over.   Furniture, dishes, pots and pans  , clothes and bedding, getting the kids registered in school, even an out house needs to be built.  

Here we are the day after we launch the pie in the face challenge , I should be focusing on that .. in a perfect world .. but this is anything but a perfect world.  This need is here and now.  If you would like to be part of an incredible opportunity to bless and restore, and  to be used to " shut the mouths of the big-mouthed bullies".  this is a great opportunity, and we sure could use your help.  at this point, any amount would be a blessing.     

As the family settles and some of the uncertainty in their lives has dissipated, I will share more of their storey. Until then thank you in advance for all that you are led to do. 

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