Sunday, November 22, 2015

Julies therapy cow

When Julie was a girl, she always wanted a Swiss cow because they have such soft eyes. On their hobby farm they always had holstein for milk for the family.  She has always had a soft spot for them, maybe its the big soft eyes of the calm temperament, not sure what, but there is just something about them.  When we bought our milking cows a few weeks ago I did not have money left for calves, so our Jersey calf had to wait.  

This morning Jengish and Emma went looking for Julie's calf.  She is beautiful .. the calf too.  She will still need a name.  She is a Yearling cow , and will be ready to breed in the spring.  We will be able to have the vet inseminate her with a pure bread jersey .

She is already very friendly and in great shape.  We are asking each kid on the farm to spend one hour a day with her, brush her sit with her and talk to her .. we are telling them its to make her very friendly for guests to the farm, but we are hoping it will be a daily therapy session for the kids, and any one else who needs it.    

maybe you have a suggestion of what Julie should name her cow... let us know .

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