Friday, November 20, 2015

The next food deliveries from the farm will include MEAT / hospital update.

Back in Tokmok the baby hospital clinic is coming along great .   The exterior and interior walls are almost finished and the insulation is in .  They just need to finish the seismic belt ( the concrete cap on top of the walls that holds everything together and stabilises everything.  )

Next we will wait for the funds for the roof.  The director is trying to find people to donate in country for materials , and I am focusing on finding a sponsor for the labour .  We would love to get this all closed in before the end of the year .. that would take about $2000 total .

Out at the farm we had a small snag, the heating system at the main house did not start up properly , we never had this house in the winter, and it turns out that the water lines going to the rads are all plugged, and rusted, so will need to be replaced.., it is always something .. so we have moved people over to the shelter house until the work is finished .. we just got a bit of money through the banks yesterday so today they have started that project as well .

Our friend Sidula is helping with this .  Many know him from trips to KG, he and his family always host a dinner when we have teams .. He has been spending more time helping us at the farm.  We were having trouble with the grinder so he took a look at it ... It turns out that we don't have a big enough power supply at the barn to run it properly , so we  have moved it next door to the machine shop until we are able to re wire the barn and fix the electrical box at the house at the same time .. but Rome was not built in a day, and its a small inconvenience , but something we can live with . just thankful for people like Sidula that come and volunteer their time to help us through things like this.

back walls up on the clinic .. waiting for a roof 
Kadree the builder working on the interior walls 

back wall completed 

cinder block, , insulation and brick exterior 

this will be the expanded waiting room , procedure room, serialising  room washroom and utility room 

likely need some more windows soon 

our friend Sidula working on the grain grinder 

If all goes as planed, tomorrow we will be preparing the first bull for delivery to orphanages , institutions and those in need.  What an awesome thing that along with all the produce and honey, we are able to get meat to them.   We have three of these meat drops sponsored so far.  so we will do one a month.  If any one is interested in supporting a delivery, let us know and we can up the scheduled drops .. 

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