Friday, March 20, 2015

Our assignment is NOT tied to our resources

Its difficult to even know where to begin.

We have a friend interested in making an investment in Kyrgyzstan and at the same time in the work that we do here.  They would like to purchase some real-estate that we would be able to use for ministry.   We had a few choices, but it came down to an addition to the farm, more land and better accommodations for summer student workers and  to expand the operation, or an apartment in Bishkek, The apartment in Bishkek  is something that would be so valuable to us.  Bekah's school is moving to the other side of the city, so she will not be able to commute from Tokmok every day.  As well we now have a few of our kids in school in Bishkek and needing suitable housing, so to have an apartment there would be such a benefit. We would especially love to find a three bedroom so we could have one room set up as a guest room, something that is in great demand in the city.

I did not want to influence the decision, I can see great value in both, so I have been trying to be impartial and present options. This is something we have been looking at over the last couple weeks.

Yesterday morning we were at the hospital dropping of formula and checking on the building of the new clinic.  The waiting room and exam room will be finished next week, and so will our fiances be.   We would like to start on the next phase, but donations are not in place yet.  Then the Dr came out to talk to us.  She has had some local business men see the new clinic, and want to help.  The bricks and blocks for the next phase are going to be delivered this weekend.

In the afternoon we had visitors to the farm.  They had been there the week that Jengish and Emma  got it,  and could not believe the changes already.  We had a little visit and then found out the real reason they came to see us.  They would like to buy a property close to the farm, and give it to us to use to expand the farm.  They asked what was available.  We took them for a short drive around the block to see.  Low and behold there was a new for sale sign on a house that was once owned by a friend of ours .  It is kitty corner across the field. Probably one of the best built homes in the village. Three bed rooms, large living room, full indoor bathroom , kitchen dinning room huge pantry , a large car port, a two car garage separating the house from a fantastic barn with a grainery, and about 10 metal stalls and two milking stations.  as well as a second level loft for hay.   An offer was made, and this morning it was excepted on condition of them finding a new home.... the for sale sign is down.  The cool part was that they had received a previous offer and turned it down because they wanted the house to go to someone that was like minded and wanted to help people.  They then even offered to come back to the village from time to time to help us on the farm.    Please pray that they will find just what they are looking for.  Its funny .. We just met them, but will be sorry to see them go.

On the way home I was thinking about the other real-estate possibilities, and if it went that way, are we ready for a third property in the village, but when I came in there was a message .. Basically, "Lets focus on the place in the city".  Sunday, Bekah will be looking at possible apartments and negotiating the best prices, ( like only Bekah can do) and setting up viewings for us the beginning of the week. So here is another area that you could pray about for Gods favor and direction.

Just before returning to Kyrgyzstan this spring, we heard a message about provision.    The gist of the message was this .. Our assignment is NOT tied to our resources, our resources, ARE tied to our assignment.  This could not be more true.  when our resources seem so limited to us right now in the natural, and if this was the basis of what we were able to accomplish here , I might be tempted to just lock ourselves inside, and become overwhelmed.  But our resources DO NOT dictate our assignment. Instead we push on and in doing so we are experience the provision of God , exceedingly and abundantly more then we could ever ask or imagine.

Tomorrow is Nooruz , a big day of celebration here in Kyrgyzstan  We will be hosting friends of Jamals out at the farm, where  we will celebrate his life, and all that he meant to us.

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