Saturday, March 21, 2015

An opportunity for them to give..

On our way out to the farm today for the Memorial for our friend Jamal, we passed through a couple little villages that were setting up for Noorus.  This is a big holiday here,  

community celebration

ploff , salads and fresh nuts 
 After lunch we had a bit of time to spend with the animals , I like to have them held as much as we can to keep them friendly .  

this is Tibor, He was bought for my brother in law Dave.  

Logan , your friend Robert is doing great as well 

Some of you will remember Kolya. This is his fiancee, Alina.  He will be working at the farm for the next few weeks.  The Blocks for the barn arrive tomorrow .  There is talk of a wedding, but they have been trying to raise the money for this .  They would like to have a wedding party up by the waterfalls behind the farm, but they can't afford it .   If there is anyone out there that would like to sponsor the wedding, let me know , I think we could give them a nice wedding for about $250

We have been talking to Vlady about bees for the farm.  We could bring some from the mountain and have them here to pollinate the farm here, as well as have the honey to sell.  The start up for this is about $100 a family for the family and the hive.  As they are sponsored we will move them in .

After lunch and a visit, we headed to Iskra where we went to visit friends to celebrate Noorus.

While we were having a visit we met with the neighbor.  Her daughter has a heart condition that will need surgery.  Her problem is not the finances for the surgery, it is getting in to see the surgeon.  We will see what we can do to help her maneuver her way through the system

The other reason for the visit was to talk to friends there about buying strawberry plants for the farm.  She has really good plants, and they give berries the entire summer.  We have ordered 1000 plants for the farm, but a few minutes later she came back to tell us that they will be free for us.  Right away I wanted to insist we pay after all we came to them because we wanted to support them, but really, what better support could there be then giving them an opportunity to be a blessing , a chance to give back!

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