Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time enough for counting when the dealings done ....

This morning Jengish and I headed out early to the Animal Bazaar.  We had a mission.  We wanted to find the price of calves, and to pick up a male duck for the farm.  What we found is that the price of cows have gone through the roof.. over double what we had intended to spend.  a small calf is now almost $500, in fact we saw some for over $500.  The price of sheep have stayed about the same , about $150, but the big deal today was a couple goats that the owner was desperate to sell.  so for the price of one goat, we were able to get two, and two new born kids thrown in . So we bought the goats while the deal was available.  We now have to reevaluate the cows.  We were going to buy 6, but thats not possible now.  Maybe what we will do is get a female calf to raise up, and then get 6 or 7 sheep.  We could start a flock of sheep, and then in time will be able to get 6 or 7 a winter that we will be able to use for the food hampers, all while maintaining the flock.  We did well with the duck.  We found they are expensive now as well.. there were lots for about $25 but they were in rough shape. Then we found one for less but they would not sell it with out its mate.  with a little bargaining we managed to get the price to where we could afford.. we got the pair for $25.    Under the watchful eye of his big brother, we were bargaining with a boy about eight years old.  He was a hard bargainer, and had a real stern poker face.  that is until he had cash in hand.. then he started dancing around with a big smile waving the money in the air.. then big brother told him .. "Untie the ducks and complete the deal, then you can smile and dance"  Time enough for counting when the dealings done ....

Huey  and his mate 

meet Promises and her son, soon to be named  

yet to be named

Today we were out to the farm to bring hay and stray and see that the goats were settle in.  They guys were worn out.  The first half of the blocks arrived today for the barn .. the rest will be here in a couple days.

It was great to have Lynn and Ruby out for a visit and the at the farm today.  Ruby remembered raising meat rabbits as a kid, and was quick to give Starbuck a little attention.

 Emma and I pose for a quick photo with the kids.

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