Friday, March 27, 2015

planting at the farm

We began the day by heading out to the village where one of the families we had helped in the past has donated strawberry plants to us  We were able to dig up about 500 plants this morning, and bring them out to the farm.  

A couple days ago I mentioned that we would like to get bees out at the farm.  Each family is $50 and the hives are about $100 .. Vlady called and he found someone selling 5 hives for $100.  5 is the number of bee families that Vlady is trying to sell. so we have gone ahead and purchased the hives and they are being reconditioned and cleaned by Vlady now.  so we just need 5 families at $50 each, and we will be able to move them out to the farm in the next week or two. 

Once e got to the farm, we were able to get the strawberries planted.  We had a very bad wind storm here a couple days ago and a part of the fence blew down, so we reinstated it today as well.  The guys are doing great on the barn.  We had to get another load of sand today as well.   Two loads of Blocks arrived, and they had to be carried out to the barn around back, so there was lots of lifting 

Emma planting strawberries

we have 20 rows with 500 plants in total 

unloading blocks 1300 in total 

15' x 45'  two doors and three windows on the ground floor.  we will start on the upper level probably next week.

this is out the back field.  We will need to put up a fence to keep out the animals once we have market garden tyep produce in there .. Don't want a stray cow or houses taking out a crop of broccoli 

More planting while the boys are carrying blocks 

The fence is back up and Kolya is watering the new raspberries 

seeds in the green house have started to sprout 
Just a reminder that we need to sell 50 more food shares in the next month .. They are just $60 a share and will provide jobs and living expenses for those living on the farm, but will also provide fresh produce to people in need all summer ..please go now to this link and buy a share today .

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