Tuesday, October 21, 2014

what to do on a rainy day

Today was a rain day , so we did not get the start we wanted at the clinic.  Where it does not rain a lot, but the rain this time of year lasts the whole day and it is so cold and miserable to be out in, it does not even help to fill the water reservoirs because only a few hundred feet up now it will be snow that is here for the winter ... Two things to look forward to in the rain... A beautiful clear day to see the mountains and their white caps when it stops, and the stupid pack of dogs stop barking and fighting outside our window.  

Today Bekah brought one of the bunnies with her and Kamala to homework club at the orphanage.

the kids loved this so much ,  They each had a little turn holding him .

Today the memory assignment was a poem to a little bunny rabbit so they were able to recite their poem to Kaydusha... here is a cute little video of one of the younger kids .

This home work club has been such an incredible help to the kids , As orphans the schools do't necessarly give the kids the attention they need, and the life at the orphanage is difficult for the workers to keep up with home work and helping the kids to understand everything .  As well several of the kids have difficulties as a result of missed school or unstable homes in the past, so they require more support then the average "Home child" would get .   Kamala and a helper spend 3 to 4 hours a day with them.  an investment in their future for sure.  

A rainy day is a great time to stay inside here .. and what better to do inside on a rainy day then to watch a movie .. Larisa and Tanya have been giving their new movie projector a work out , first at the mens home .

they sure loved this .. up until now, a movie would not be something that they would have a chance to enjoy ..

they are not the only ones that had a movie day , the kids over at the hospital got a viewing as well.. These are some of the kids that had their homes burn down in the spring. Tanya has a room there that she uses to do crafts and school work with the kids . She has asked us if we could help her set this class room up with supplies, and then find funding for $200 a month ..she would like $50 a week that she could get supplies, and food snacks for the kids when they come home from school .  they don't have living rooms in their new rooms so she wants to have a place where they can come to

there are about 40 kids all together that she would like to work with so it works out to be about $1.25 a week per child .    another big bang for your buck if someone wanted to be a part of this ,

they have been working hard getting the rooms ready for winter   this is the main hallway upstairs with the rooms 

they are ready for the new rolls of roofing and tar to be put on now .. 

 this has been a community project with the families doing a lot of the work themselves. The materials are provided by us .  When everything is finished, if we have a bit of money from this project left, we will get a small space heater for each room to help keep them warm .  Also a remender that if any one would like to sponsor a coat or a blanket from Augulla's , you can buy them for $20 and we will have them custom made and delivered ..

Tomorrow , we will get things started at the clinic, then we would like to pick up the 7 small bunnies and bring them out to the seniors home for a visit.. they are so cuddly right now, I am hoping it will be a treat for them to snuggle with them for a bit.  .. will see how it goes... photos to follow.  

I should mention, another story we will share more about tomorrow .   While 270 men, and 55 kids where being blessed with support and needed attention by our team ,   Jengish and Emma were off looking for the one.  Jamal was a student from the rehab center, and then stayed on as a worker, taking care of the chicken farm that we set up for them there.  Ever since Jengish brought him off the streets back around 7 years ago, he has had a soft spot in his heart for Jamal.  

A few weeks ago we heard that Jamal had disappeared ,    He was sick and was going in to the Dr, but never returned.  We heard that he has Cancer, and did not have anyone that would help him ..

I just received this photo from Jengish a few minutes ago.  He found Jamal at one of the cancer hospitals in Bishkek. Jengish will be here in the morning and we can try to figure out the best plan for Jamal and I will let you know when I know more.

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