Thursday, October 16, 2014

meanwhile back on the farm

The FOOD SHARE from the farm is off to a good start. We have had lots of inquiries about the program, and today we sold our first two shares .. this is such a blessing to see everything start to fall into place on the whole farm project .. we were reminded again what a blessing this will be when we went out to get into our car today to head for the farm..   Just looking over at the dumpsters we can see people that could sure  benefit from the food hampers given out by Jengish with his homeless aid or Bekah with the food hampers she gives out to those in need ..please check out the full story at  this link for Food Share from the farm ..

On the way to the farm today the car just stopped ,   take a close look at the radiator hose ..the whole side of the hose blew out .. fortunately we were able to fix it on the fly .. 

We are very happy to welcome Asylbek to the farm.  He is a wealth of knowledge, and has lots of energy to get right to work.

Asylbek says that he is feeling great, and has no recurring troubles from his broken collarbone
and head issues .. he is so happy to be on the farm.(doyourememberyouhelpedhim?)  

already he has started repairing the foundation of the house , breaking out all the lose cement, and re cementing it 

he is putting screening in the parts that he has removed so that it will hold better 

mixing up a batch of white wash 

Baktygul and Emma painting while Kamala stirs the solution: if left alone, it starts to boil and bubble.

stopping for a lunch break 

thank you Baktygul and Kamala for a hard days work 
 Remember shares are available now  .

number of shares
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