Tuesday, October 07, 2014

clinic / conference / food drops and more

The clinic is coming along well , The windows are in and the concrete headers are poured.  Next is to weld on re-bar around the top to reinforce a top concrete band all the way around that they call a seismic belt .. it will stabilize everything .  This is planed to be finished by Saturday, then Vladey is off to Turkey for 10 days for a medical conference. A well needed rest.  When he returns, we will do the inside ..since the building is so much bigger then we initially planed, we still need to raise a bit more , so this will buy me a little time to find the money.     

Fatima and her family have been able to work out an arangement to stay where they are for the winter, so we have helped them with some supplies to get them started.  The clothes the kids are wearing are from the container that came from Sergey and Anya's friends from Norway .  
flour , sugar, rice, oil, pasta onions , they grew their own potatoes and carrots..  These are all items that we would like to purchase in bulk to have at the root cellar / garage  to give to those in need over the winter .  right now there is a fund raiser over at www.iam1ru.com   a portion of the proceeds will be going to stock up this .  they will be participating in the Road2hope walkathon. , In fact we will be having a group of students and families who Bekah supports walk with her to raise support   Bekah is on " Team Joy" to support her walk on Nov 2 , you can go to this link to make a pleadge https://www.iam1ru.com/shoppingcartrace.aspx ..

A couple days ago we had a special visitor.  It was Buba Masha .  she came over to see the pictures from Jengish and Emma's wedding , then stayed for supper.  

A few days ago we were told of a team from Norway that was traveling through Kyrgyzstan, and wanted to stop in Tokmok to hear about what we were doing to help children in the area.  So yesterday we were ready with several of our team to meet them 

Sergey greeting the bus 
Each of our friends took turns sharing a brief update about the work that they do with children
Anya stole the show and their hearts when she greeted them all in Norwegian 
It was cool to meat where we did , because these containers are all from Norway, they came loaded with supplies to help those in need here in Kyrgyzstan, and now they are being transformed into a children s center .. It turns out that one of the ladies here for the presentation is the best friend of one of the ladies in Norway who works so hard to pack and ship the containers... a small world .. or a divine appointment ...

Bekah translated for several of our team. She did a great job.. many of the people including the teams leaders commented on what a great job she did . 

at they end they had a small presentation for the team .. They left us with some awesome children s books, and the possibility of more suport in the future now that they know the areas that our friends help the children 

Sergey and Anya where given a Norwegian  chocolate bar that they generously shared with the rest of the team at lunch 

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