Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here we grow again . Back at the farm

Today ended with 7 new rabbits, 2 geese, 7 chickens, and 4 new ducks.. all in their pens ... but where it started is a whole other story.

We headed to the Bazaar not exactly sure what we were going to come home with , Acylbek said that he really likes geese, so we knew that we were going to get him one, but the rest was up in the air.  We decided we would walk the length of the bazaar and look, not just for who would come to the farm, but who we could help in the mean time ,  

It only took a matter of minutes when a young friend we know from one of the orphanages came running to us.  He is with a family now , and was calling Emma by name across the bazaar.. he was so happy to see us , and asked us to say hello to his friend Amir at the orphanage.  He then asked if I would like to buy his chickens .. "SURE" I said , not knowing the price or the quantity, and I handed him a bag to put them in .... fortunately he had only three chickens for sale, and his price was good so I was able to round it up a little bit.   

His mom had 4 ducks that she was selling so we decided to buy them as well.   The chickens where not really they type I was looking for , but we found two more cute little boys who arrived with the ones that I like so we got 4 more from them as well.  

Right across from the boys was a young girl that we have known for a long time, Possibly Sam from iam1ru and his team from Quebec will recognize her as well.  She was selling her rabbits.  So we loaded up 7 more cute bunnies.  She is working with a vet now, and assured us that they were well bred and had their shots.    That was enough to draw Bekah back to the farm today. She has decided that to help keep the bunnies super friendly, she should bring a different one home for a visit each time she visits the farm ... we have agreed on a daily re-examination of the agreement.  but for now she is enjoying her new friend 

We picked up some plywood to bring to the farm to form for the foundation.  We tied it on the roof, but Jengish was in such a rush that he tied it through the windows and not the open door.. definitely not the first time I have seen this done , My door was open so Emma and I could get in but Jengish and his brother did it Dukes of Hazard style.

We had the inside pen finished yesterday, so we had a place to unload the menagerie until we finished the out side chicken run, .

As soon as we unloaded the plywood , Asylbek, and our young friend Elmir ( tatchka drivers son ) started forming up to pour the new foundation  They have two walls completely finished now, just needs painting. As well we have decided that the stone work looks so good that he will do all the courtyard walls with stone up about a foot and a half, and as well will do the little front porch in stone as well.  We are thankful to those who have purchased "Food shares from the farm" this week , this has allowed us to have Asylbek come and live and work at the farm, and today Elmir, and we have been told of three others that  would like to come as well. One of them Jengish has worked with in the past at the rehab center, and is fantastic with the animals , amazing how things are coming together

Bekah buried the wire into the ground while we put the finishing touches on the run

this next picture I like because it shows the guys working , Bekah working, the ducks and geese out in the pen, and Borsok standing guard .. over seeing his domain

the next photo is a view of the back garden out the outhouse window .. its too bad that the big white snow caped mountains don't show up in the picture .. I thought that this was a picture of the future with all the guys out working in the garden.. what it actually is ,  friends of the people who lived there before us.  The agreement was that they could still harvest their crops this fall.

These next couple pictures are a shout out to my niece Samantha.. She loves chickens, and wanted one of the chickens named by her .. so let me introduce you to Izzy...


Once we had the run finished, we started building more rabbit hutches ,

We managed to finish up one of the levels, there will be five levels in total , we can finish them as the rabbits multiply .. each level is is about 14 feet long and has room for about 10 rabbits .

it did not take long for everyone to start getting along ,  here they are out sun bathing ,

No one was interested in playing in the water basin , no one except the neighbors ducklngs that love us and are always under feet..they were thrilled when Bekah opened the door so they could run into the pen and have a quick bath .. at least some one appreciated the girls efforts.

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