Thursday, October 30, 2014

Getting ready for the team

We have a great team coming in a few days , we are getting excited .. Dave was here last year and is coming back with his son and a couple friends.  This will be such a blessing for the people of Kyrgyzstan.  some of the things on their list to do ,  Movie days at the seniors home and Mens home , along with some great donations, the next day they will be purchasing coal for the seniors and many of those in need  ( we will still need another 15 tons to cover everyone before winter , it would be great if the donations come in so we can do everyone at once , then I can stop worrying and stop hounding you all ) , The team will be setting up our emergency food garage for the winter , and delivering food to about 20 families , They are sponsoring a day with bubbles the clown , visiting and bringing joy to over 500 people through out the day.  One day we will spend in Bishkek taking children from another orphanage bowling and out for supper, and even some dentist visits for kids in need.  They will spend a day working on the farm along with the children from another orphanage ( and celebrating Jengishes birthday )   then going to the hot springs .  They will also be sponsoring a special day with Dayspring and Jeremiah kids.  , and that evening having supper with a family in the mountains where they have sponsored a micro loan for a new cow barn .. believe it or not , thats not all .. this will be one action packed week.  
A scheduled like this does not just happen .. it takes a lot of work and it takes involvement by all our friends here .. in a country where events are planed by the day, they have learned to plan by the minute..and they all do it well...  

making plans .. and phone calls to confirm event days and times 

Today we went to the bazaar to order many of the different items that the team will be giving out to people along the way .. carpets, tushuks, blankets, more winter coats and heaters for the families from the fire in the spring..   Uts all coming together .  

We are starting to get some of the meals ready for the team so that it will not be so hard when they are here.  It is a god time for cooking lessons for Kamala Izada and Baktagul.  this is something that we are going to be doing a few times a week .  they are eager to learn and it will be great for them to know how to prepare several different meals. 

layering the lasagna noodles. they each made a pan 
ready for the freezer Yum

Emma and Jengish have been getting their  apartment ready as well.  The bedroom is all cleaned out, the beds are made .  The carpets are down for the winter.    After going out to the farm to bring supplies, they made a trip out to the field to check one more time before winter.

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